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There’s Going to Be Death OFCertain Pirate In One Piece Spoilers

by OnePiece360

One Piece may not be as brutal as Attack on Titan when it comes to killing characters, but it has its moments. There are some characters fans still can’t forgive for dying, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, fans are all for a pirate biting it if they have been giving the Straw Hats grief, and it looks like One Piece may be setting up one of those moments in its next chapter.

Spoilers below!

This week, One Piece will see its 899th chapter go live, and spoilers for the update have been released online. Summary translations of the chapter were posted to Reddit, and they all indicate that Big Mom is about to be in big trouble.

According to the leak, Big Mom is preparing to devour her new cake that has been laced with poison. Pero breaks down what could happen after the Yonko eats the dessert, and one of its outcomes is — well — death. The man says the cake could play out in three ways with the first being that Big Mom dies after eating it.

As for the other options, they are more tame. The second is that she eats the cake, but the poison doesn’t work and just makes it taste bad. That option would prompt Big Mom to go on a rampage, but there is still a third. The final, and most miraculous option, sees Big Mom live after eating the cake. The poison still doesn’t work, but the Yonko finds the sweet delicious. Peros says the last option has the least chance of going down, but fans of One Piece know they should never say never. Miracles happen more often than you’d think in the shonen series.

Of course, fans are curious to see whether One Piece will really take out a Yonko right now. The gang of pirates are known as the most powerful captains on the sea. So far, only one of them has died in One Piece as Edward ‘Whitebeard’ Newgate was killed during the Battle of Marineford. Right now, there are four Yonko overseeing the seas, but it could dwindle to three momentarily if Big Mom does dies. As for who would assume her place, fans can only guess. There’s a good chance one of Big Mom’s kids would inherit the position, and Charlotte Katakuri is certainly fearsome enough to take on the gig.

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