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Will Jinbe Join The Straw Hats?? Revealed Spoilers

by OnePiece360

It has been a long while since the Straw Hat pirates welcomed a new member. After setting sail, Monkey D. Luffy got his crew started with Roronoa Zoro and capped the crew last with Brook. With 9 comrades to his name, Luffy is still looking to grow his nakama, but he is doing so at his own pace. A new pirate will join the Straw Hats when Luffy decides it is time, and it seems that will happen soon.

After all, Jinbe appears to have made up his mind about whether he’ll join the boy’s crew.

Recently, One Piece returned to TV with its 829th episode. The update caught up with the Sanji Retrieval Team as its members prepared to crash Sanji’s wedding. As Big Mom prepares to enact her deadly plan for the Vinsmoke family, nobles from around the world are gathering to see Charlotte Pudding wed Sanji, but fans know the nuptials won’t go as planned. Not only does Luffy plan on halting the shady affair, but Jinbe plans to help the gang out as well.

As you can see above, One Piece catches up with Jinbe as he meets with his comrades in the sea. The fishman tells his friends they must escape Big Mom’s service the day of the wedding while security is lax because he will raise a coup against the Yonko.

“If Luffy and his clan find out about it, they’ll push themselves to save Sanji,” Jinbe says, explaining the danger behind Sanji’s marriage. “They’ll be in danger and I can’t just sit back! I’ve got to help them! That means I will raise a full-on rebellion.”

After Jinbe’s comrades tell him to be safe, the powerful pirate drops his biggest hint that he will dedicate himself to the Straw Hat crew. “Say I join the Straw Hats one day, I will fight for the captain Straw Hat Luffy at the price of my life! Aladdin, it’s just a matter of doing it now or later,” the fishman reveals.

Of course, fans have been waiting for Jinbe to make a decision about his Straw Hat status. The former Pirate Warlord became friends with Luffy during the Battle of Marineford and continues to ally himself with the captain afterwards. When the two team up to save Fishman Island, Luffy offers Jinbe a spot on the crew, but the older man declines. Jinbe says he still has business to take care of and it has to do with his debut to Big Mom. If Jinbe holds a successful rebellion against the Yonko in a bid to help Luffy save Sanji, then the fishman will be freed from his service. So, it looks like there will be nothing to stop Jinbe from joing the Straw Hats once the ‘Whole Cake Island’ arc wraps. That is, so long as Luffy is still willing to extend the offer.


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