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‘One Piece’ Chapter 900 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Postpones Break

by OnePiece360

One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda decided not to take a one-week break to celebrate the manga’s 900th chapter.
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Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, usually takes a one week break after releasing several chapters of one of the most popular mangas worldwide. However, fans won’t be needing to wait longer to see what will happen in the upcoming chapter. Oda won’t be taking a short hiatus in order to celebrate the 900th chapter of One Piece.

According to Comicbook, One Piece editor Naito revealed that Eiichiro Oda has already started working on One Piece Chapter 900. Fans at Reddit are debating on what will be the big revelation in the upcoming chapter. Most of the time, Oda does something special for every 100 chapter of the manga. In One Piece Chapter 100, the Strawhat Pirates entered the Grand Line. Gol D. Roger’s first mate Silvers Rayleigh appeared in One Piece Chapter 500, while the Strawhat Pirates Grand Fleet was formed in One Piece Chapter 800.

In the ongoing One Piece Whole Cake Island arc, the Strawhat Pirates are currently on their way out of Big Mom’s territory. They were almost captured by the Yonkou’s army, but reinforcements continue to arrive at this point. When Sanji and Luffy were trapped at Cacao Island, the Germa 66 led by the Vinsmoke family came to save them and let them reunite with their friends at the Thousand Sunny.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Smoothie’s armada surrounded the Strawhat Pirates, leaving them nowhere to go. Luckily, Jinbe’s former crew, the Sun Pirates, surfaced from the water and helped them escape. As of now, it’s highly likely that something big will happen in One Piece Chapter 900.

One Piece Chapter 900 is expected to finally reveal how powerful Charlotte Smoothie is. The Strawhat Pirates are already within her range, and she will surely not let them get away easily, especially knowing that Luffy defeated two of their sweet commanders, Charlotte Katakuri and Charlotte Cracker. Meanwhile, Big Mom’s tantrums could possibly end in the upcoming chapter after she eats the delicious wedding cake made by Sanji, Lady Pudding, and Charlotte Chiffon.

As most people think, Capone Bege, the captain of the Fire Tank Pirates, is planning to assassinate the lady Yonkou for the second time. Since her tantrums started, Big Mom grew thinner and weaker which makes it easier for Bege and his marksmen to penetrate her skin. Big Mom’s death is one of the big things that could happen in One Piece Chapter 900 as the Whole Cake Island arc’s end draws near.

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